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In order to save energy and reduce consumption, please choose to use advanced textile air conditioning equipment

Source:Suzhou AGHION Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. Issuing time:2020-08-08

In the textile factory must install this kind of textile air-conditioning equipment, and the processing factory has already had a very large loss of energy. In order to develop more functions of the process air conditioning, and to save energy and reduce consumption as much as possible, the factories install new composite textile air conditioners. What special advantages does he have? The double return air inlet can be used to ensure the effect of air outlet and air inlet.

In order to coordinate with the environmental comfort, it is necessary to pay attention to the appropriate installation type when selecting air conditioning equipment. There are several types of installation of textile air conditioning equipment. The method of combining air conditioning into one should be welcomed by textile mills. When the air conditioning is installed on the top of the workshop, the return air suction can be relatively large, which can directly improve the humidity of the whole workshop and make the human body Feel relatively comfortable. This is the advanced air conditioning.

With this composite system, the application of textile air conditioning equipment in textile workshop will be more convenient. In order to save energy and reduce consumption, this new type of air conditioning equipment should also be selected. The advanced textile air conditioner with two sets of air supply ducts can bring a good comfortable environment to the workshop and improve the work efficiency in the workshop. It can bring fresh wind to workers in summer and compensate for heat in winter. This return air mode and dust collection effect has been good.

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