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Why dust the shearer regularly

Source:Suzhou AGHION Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. Issuing time:2020-08-08

According to the way of use, shears can be roughly divided into mobile shears for large-scale processing plants and fixed indoor shears. No matter what kind of shearer, it is recommended that we regularly dust the shearer. Why dust the shearer? Because only in this way can it maintain a good and stable state in the process of its operation.

It is a good habit to maintain the shearer regularly, because the shearer is often in a flying hair and dust environment. If you do not pay attention to maintenance and cleaning, it is likely to reduce the service life of the shearer. The dust removal of shearing machine is applicable to all shears used in the scope. The dust removal effect is very good. After blowing off the impurity on the blade and raising a cat, the service life of the blade can be prolonged, and the wear of the shearing blade can be solved.

In the vast pasturing area, it is easier to cause the staff to be wrapped in wool before and after the state, if you can use this dust removal facilities to help open the road, the working speed will also be improved. This kind of dust removal facilities mainly drive the surrounding air circulation through the flexible shaft of electromotive force, which makes a large pressure air flow appear instantly, so that the surrounding mixed wool and dust can be blown away to achieve the purpose of cleaning. Why do we have to remove dust on a regular basis? It is to ensure the shearing efficiency and improve the comfort of the environment.

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