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What are the functions of textile air conditioning equipment

Source:Suzhou AGHION Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. Issuing time:2020-08-08

In order to make the production of textile workshop in good condition, advanced textile air conditioning equipment will be installed uniformly. In addition to the ordinary ventilation and air supply, refrigeration and heating effect, what control functions does it have? We can learn about it together.

First of all, it has a sequence control function, which can use automatic start-up device to evaluate the overall environment of the workshop. Such a modern control system can effectively ensure that the workshop environment is in a constant state. The use of textile air conditioning equipment can also increase the humidity of the space, making the space more comfortable. The wind system as a textile workshop should include this return air effect.

Secondly, it also has an automatic judgment function in recognition operation. In the long-term operation of air conditioning, there will inevitably be some small problems. At this time, it can automatically judge and alarm according to its fault. Can guarantee to provide a health and safety guarantee for everyone's working environment. The energy-saving effect of textile air-conditioning equipment is also very good, which can achieve a stable operation efficiency through big data statistics and control records. In order to make customers more comfortable in such an environment, the air conditioning equipment has experienced many improvements and upgrades. Adjusting the control system to the appropriate state can provide a good production state for the workshop.

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