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Jiangsu Chenyang Air-conditioning Dust Removal Co., Ltd. mainly produces textile air-conditioning dust removal equipment, and has rich installation and commissioning experience and turnkey project experience! The company cooperates with the Taiwan Xihe Textile Air Conditioning Dust Removal Engineering Company, which has 40 years of experience, and has an energy-saving automatic control system for textile air conditioning, which improves the difficulty of adjusting traditional air-conditioning costs and other problems. It is currently a cost-effective automatic control system.

Multi-cylinder dust removal unit is an environmentally friendly dust removal unit carefully developed by Jiangsu Chenyang Air Conditioning Dust Removal Co., Ltd.

The first stage of the SFU017 series multi-cylinder dust removal unit is a disc pre-filter, and the second stage is a multi-cylinder filter. In terms of filter material layout, mechanical transmission and dust collection form, it is designed with reference to the principle of Taiwan Xihe multi-drum dust removal. It adopts a multi-layer fixed concentric circular cage filter tank with filter materials arranged on one or both sides inside. The reciprocating motion of the multi-cylinder suction nozzle of this machine adopts domestic mature technology. The rotary motion is converted into a composite motion of rotation plus axial reciprocation through a simple and practical reciprocating transmission mechanism to complete the action requirements of the dust collecting nozzle without complicated transmission mechanism and The control circuit has high reliability and low failure rate. The secondary filter of this machine adopts multi-cylinder design, which has the characteristics of large filter area, low energy consumption of the unit, and simple operation. In the electrical aspect, PLC can be selected for control, and the degree of automation is high. According to user requirements, it can be equipped with a differential pressure control switch to detect the resistance of the filter and give a fault alarm.

SFU017 series multi-cylinder dust removal unit can be widely used in air-conditioning dust filtration systems of light industrial enterprises such as cotton spinning, chemical fiber, hemp spinning, papermaking, tobacco, etc., to filter and collect fibers and dust in the airflow through the unit to purify the air , In order to achieve the purpose of reuse or discharge.

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