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Suzhou AGHION Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of dust removal equipment, spray room, and ventilation equipment required by textile mills. The automatic control system Texauto is an advanced level intelligent software package specially developed by Aikin Company for textile air conditioning systems. While realizing humidity control, it has significant energy-saving effects. Aijin has advanced experience in textile air-conditioning dust removal, has a high-quality R&D team and high-performance equipment, and has rich experience in contracting large-scale air-conditioning systems. Provide owners with a package of turnkey projects such as textile air conditioning systems, refrigeration systems, air duct systems, and installations.

  ●Spinning workshop

- Aikin has tailored processes for different fiber varieties with reasonable process and energy-saving air-conditioning dust removal system. With Aikin's advanced technical strength, Aikin is good at providing owners with overall turnkey projects and bringing high-quality investment to owners s return.

  ●Manufacturing workshop

--Direct air supply system for weaving factory (combined air conditioning system for large and small environments)

  ●Chemical Fiber Factory

--For different process sections, provide constant air volume and cooling capacity, and keep temperature, temperature and pressure within the accuracy range required by the process.

  ●Other industrial fields

- Papermaking, non-woven fabrics, glass fiber, plastic film, tires, cigarettes and food processing factories.

  Aikin has been committed to promoting the technological development of the textile air-conditioning industry for a long time in the textile air-conditioning industry, and has now developed into one of the more core competitiveness enterprises in the textile air-conditioning industry. Really let customers enjoy the benefits of "international quality, domestic price".

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